About us

HospitHome is a start-up created in Ticino with the aim of innovating healthcare, supporting and reorganizing the relationship between doctor and patient, offering remote services through to the use of high-tech devices and software.

The project, developed in synergy with Cardiocentro Ticino – which is one of the pioneering hospitals of telemedicine in Europe – is also the result of collaboration with other excellences in the health sector such as the Ticino Ambulance Federation, the Ticino Heart Foundation, the Luganese Clinic Moncucco, the Order of doctors of Canton Ticino (in particular, in this first phase, the Lugano club with its president Dr. med. Claudio Camponovo).

HospitHome firmly believes that telemedicine has all the potential required to become a new standard, a powerful and innovative tool to take the healthcare sector to a higher level, and provide better protection to the health of people around the world.

How it works

Based on a Class II A certified Medical Device application, the patient is supplied with a supervisory kit made of a tablet and a hub with real-time communication, through which his vital parameters – such as temperature, oxygen saturation and heart rate – are monitored by artificial intelligence and automatically sent at least twice a day to the HospitHome operations center and to the family doctorsinvolved in the program.

The kit is optimal and suitable for countless other cases, such as people with cardiovascular or chronic diseases.



The Hospithome team is made up of professionals with deep ...
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HospitHome is a new health care concept that uses scientific, ...
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