Healthcare facilities

Through its digital platform, HospitHome aims to change and improve health care services by means of healthcare structures and professionals, providing them with the tools for the diagnosis and management of diseases, optimizing the workflow and offering efficiency and flexibility.


HospitHome services for healthcare facilities are designed to meet the needs of small hospitals, single hospital divisions, private nursing homes, pharmacies, polyclinics.

These services include:

  • Diagnostics for prevention purposes
  • Remote monitoring
  • Early discharge of the patient thanks to remote monitoring

Through HospitHome services the patient is kept under control remotely once discharged, preventing the risks of re-hospitalization and overcrowding of the structures, but bringing the patient-doctor relationship to a higher level.


HospitHome services allow all healthcare professionals (doctors, specialists, nurses) to have rapid access to second-level instrumental diagnostic services, with respective specialized teleconsultation.

Available services:

  • Multi-specialist teleconsultation / second opinion
  • Remote reporting of multiple instrumental investigations/li>
  • Multi-parametric instrumental home monitoring
  • Extended home monitoring for patients with chronic diseases


Pharmacies are a very important channel for HospitHome, which aims to integrate diagnostics and remote assistance services within them.

The range of services offered to pharmacies goes from the delivery of medicines to patient consultation, through the monitoring of the therapies and the prescription of medicines.

Laboratory and instrumental tests needed for diagnosis can be booked and performed on-site. The pharmacy can have an active part in a timely and correct application of the therapies prescribed by treating physicians.

In addition to standard services, HospitHome platform will give to pharmacists the opportunity to start teleconferences designed to update, train, and interact with other healthcare professionals and colleagues.


The ongoing change in demographic dynamics has led to a transformation of the health needs of the population, and to progressive general aging, which raised the share of elderly people and of those affected by chronic diseases.

All this has led to a review of the organizational and structural services in order to strengthen local assistance and continuous monitoring.

Hence, the solutions conceived by HospitHome represent the answer to the needs of nursing homes, offering virtual assistance and remote monitoring. This simplifies the provision of services, giving access to the best cure available for everybody, by increasing the efficiency and quality of performance.


HospitHome moves the medical clinic into a virtual environment in order to allow both teleconsultations and remote visits.

Everything is done safely and through a platform that protects the privacy and medical data of each patient.

Through this system a report is prepared, that must be digitally signed and safely delivered to the patient.


HospitHome‘s platform improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the activity within the clinics.

Thanks to the software available, it is possible to transfer a patient’s vital parameters from one ward to another safely and in real-time.

This saves time and optimizes the resources inside the hospital especially in case of patients in severe clinical conditions, or that cannot be transported. HospitHome allows punctual follow-ups, saving time, money, resources, ensuring continuity in treatment for most existing diseases.

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