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HospitHome is the new model of remote health care, which encloses all the advantages of digital technologies, destined to become a custom in our future life habits.



Offering a model of remote assistance customized according to the patient’s needs, allowing him unlimited access to medical treatments and removing any barriers, either geographical or social.


The Covid-19 emergency will be fixed in the mind of every single human being, not only for its seriousness. It marked the end of an era, in some ways it symbolized a sort of “window into the future”.

The education to new technological systems, both in private and business environment, has become vital to face the challenges of the pandemic and this has led to a revolution also in the health sector. A paradigm shift that has been highlighted, above all, in the relationship between the patient and the treating physician.

This relationship quickly changed from physical to virtual contact, creating various benefits for hospitals, relieving them of unnecessary hospitalizations and allowing them to devote maximum effort to those patients in the various intensive care units.

Decrease in hospitalization costs, constant and real-time monitoring, containment of the risk of infection (eg Covid-19), greater safety for patients and healthcare professionals: all of them are benefits that can significantly improve the entire health systems approach.

What we do

HospitHome comes from the idea of revolutionizing the way healthcare is provided to patients and, above all, with the aim of steering its future…


HospitHome News

hospithome tiscali seconda versione

HospitHome: Telemedicine prevents the overcrowding in hospitals

A remote monitoring and control kit allows you to evaluate in time
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hospithome la regione seconda versione

Telemedicine: from the Cardiocentro to the covid

Remote check for weak patients with 'HospitHome'. The system
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hospithome liberatv seconda versione

Telemedicine strikes a blow against the Covid-19

The emergency is there for all to see, and while the epidemic
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hospithome ticinonews seconda versione

Covid-19 patients from Ticino monitored remotely

A startup specialized in telemedicine checks the health conditions
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hospithome tio seconda versione

Covid-19, infected ones, remotely monitored

In Ticino non-hospitalized patients will receive a telemedicine kit. The experience…
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