Telemedicine: from the Cardiocentro to the covid

Remote check for weakly ill patients with ‘HospitHome’

The system has existed and operated for 15 years, as patients of the Cardiocentro di Lugano know, and now it is good for reducing the risks of contagion from the SARS-CoV-2 virus that spreads all over the world, putting a strain on the resistance of the most efficient health systems. Like teleworking for those who are professionally active, so there is a remote home surveillance program for mildly ill patients. The main purpose of this practice is to ease the pressure on hospitals and prevent them from becoming places of uncontrolled acceleration of the infection, as seems to have happened in some circumstances during this epidemic, especially in the hospitals of northern Italy.

As mentioned, it is a consolidated reality that is now available for the prevention of coronavirus, thanks to the HospitHome platform, produced by a start-up specialized in telemedicine systems, which together with the Cardiocentro Ticino has developed a program dedicated to Covid-19 emergency obtaining the collaboration of some of the main Ticino health care companies.

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