Covid-19 patients from Ticino monitored remotely

A startup specializing in telemedicine allows you to check the health status of non-hospitalized infected

A remote monitoring and control kit that allows to evaluate in real time the disease course of patients positive to Covid-19 but not hospitalized. This is what the startup HospitHome has put in place in collaboration with Cardiocentro Ticino, reads a statement from the structure. Many health actors, such as the Ticino Ambulance Federation (144), the Ticino Cuore Foundation, the Luganese Clinic Moncucco and the Order of Doctors of the Canton collaborate on the project.

From cardiopaths to Covid-19 patients “The program – explain the HospitHome operators – starts from the experience of the Cardiocentro Ticino, which for about 15 years has been offering telemedicine services to cardiac patients with severe arrhythmias and carriers of defibrillators, patients who are monitored remotely with daily control and automatic alert system in case of variation of vital electrical parameters. The result of this experience has led to a decrease in outpatient checks and unnecessary hospitalizations. Now it is a question of replicating this model to the monitoring of Covid-19 patients, obviously with all the specificities of the case ”.

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